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For every mobile ad campaign, you want your ads to be seen.

Receptive Audiences generate premium views and impressions that increase brand lift and convert up to 133% more. Why? Because they’re composed of real humans paying attention to their phones.

Our artificial intelligence qualifies the user as someone paying attention by determining their posture, movement, focus, and whether they are holding their phone in hand or not.

Purchasing Receptive Audiences is your opportunity to leverage publishers that really care about your campaign goals by providing you with ad placements that are:

Free of bots Receptive Audiences by CONTXTFUL

Free of bots

GDPR and CCPA compliant by design Receptive Audiences by CONTXTFUL

GDPR and CCPA compliant by design

Not reliant on 3rd-party cookies Receptive Audiences by CONTXTFUL

Not reliant on 3rd-party cookies

Proven to convert more Receptive Audiences by CONTXTFUL

Proven to convert more

Respectful of user privacy Receptive Audiences by CONTXTFUL

Respectful of user privacy

It’s simple, Receptive Audiences perform way better than regular mobile ads.

 Receptive Audiences by CONTXTFUL
Start saving on your CPA today

So what does it mean to use Receptive Audiences?

Want similar results?

Connect with publishers selling Receptive Audiences

Using Receptive Audiences for your next campaign is as simple as contacting one of our publisher partners

There’s no extra work required on your end, and you can sleep easy knowing your next campaign is about to perform way better than it used to.

Receptive Audiences by CONTXTFUL
Receptive Audiences by CONTXTFUL


What platforms are Receptive Audiences available on?

It works on mobile web and in-app environments; in native, display, and video formats.

How much do they cost?

This can vary depending on where you purchase them, contact your favourite publisher for more information.

Are Receptive Audiences available on the open exchange?

You can purchase Receptive Audiences through Direct, PG, and PMP deals for now, and they will be available on the open in the future.

Can I optimize Receptive Audience campaigns in real-time?

No need to optimize! With Receptive Audiences, you get the best impressions every time, all the time.