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Spoiler alert: According to Adviso, Receptivity is just common sense.

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What if we said you could test out a new metric that has the potential to elevate your standards in mobile digital advertising?

You’d probably answer “Hell yeah! Where do I sign?”. That’s exactly what Adviso, a digital performance agency, and its client Reitmans, one of the largest Canadian fashion retailer and e-tailer, answered when they were shown the power and potential of Receptivity.

The goal set by the client was simple: increase brand reach and maximize their campaign exposure. In order to reach success (and strong kudos from the client), Adviso’s objective was to maximize the number of qualified sessions on Reitmans’ e-commerce site.

The solution? Track Receptivity levels of every publishing site to identify receptive impressions, and therefore, real humans, that were most receptive to their mobile device.

Increase brand awareness and maximize campaign exposure

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Adviso used Receptivity™ to achieve and exceed Reitmans goals.  Receptivity™ is a mobile sensor metric that leverages first-party, non-private data to determine the human context behind the mobile device. 

What does that all mean? Short answer:  Reitmans wanted to reach real humans who were actually paying attention to their devices. 

Long answer: By using smartphone data, the metric can determine a user’s movement, posture, focus, and whether his mobile is in hand. That way you show your ads at the best moment possible: when they’re paying attention.

By adding a simple tag to their ad containers, Adviso could assess the levels of Receptivity of the sites they advertised on, and A/B test the results in our robust dashboard.

By using Receptivity Measurement, Adviso and Reitmans were able to analyze their media placements and optimize toward top-performing sites and apps.

An A/B test was conducted:

A/B Test

No exclusion performed CONTROL VS TEST High receptivity placements

Reitmans understood that Receptivity™ would allow them to build their brand in a positive way that was respectful of user privacy. This would lead to more qualified traffic to their site, and ultimately users with a better fashion sense ;)

Higher receptivity.

More transactions.

Receptivity matters.

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The numbers don’t lie and allowed Adviso to come to an unequivocal conclusion: As Receptivity levels grew, chances of a transaction steadily increased.  First, as the Adviso team excluded close to 40% of the underperforming traffic (on well over 10,000 sites), they noticed an immediate increase in the number of transactions.

The A/B Test results confirmed Adviso and Reitmans’ hypothesis:  35% ROAS increase and a 7X higher ROI on the span of the entire campaign. 

Better results, more efficient ad spend, and customers buying nice clothes they actually want? Sounds like a win-win-win situation to us.

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