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Have You Ever Seen A 224% Increase In On-Page Action? Espace M Did.


This major furniture retailer regularly meets with its media agency, Espace M, to discuss new potential ad campaigns. The furniture retail industry is extremely competitive and companies in this field typically run always-on ad campaigns to maintain a constant presence in the market throughout the year to remain top-of-mind and reach any potential buyer. Espace M is always looking for ways to provide its clients with the highest quality of impressions and had successfully partnered with Receptivity in the past. They realized it might be a valuable metric to supply their clients with the best impressions available.

Furniture retailers all follow the same trends in designing their ad campaigns. Every player in the field runs campaigns year-round in order to be the first to come to mind when redecorating seasons hit. These campaigns all suffer from the same problem: Customers are bombarded with ads about furniture at all times and start to ignore them.


The plan was simple: Espace M would devise the perfect ad campaign, and Receptive Moments would provide attentive users.


Espace M and their client reached attentive users through our network of Receptive publishers. For this particular test, they focused on Quebecor sites.

The campaign spend was divided between a control group where impressions were not filtered based on Receptivity, and another was composed exclusively of Receptive impressions. This setup ensured there was no cross-contamination between each group. 


As the campaign ran, it became a poster child for the old adage “less is more”. A typical brand awareness campaign aims for the most impressions with little regard to the actual results of the ad shown. By buying from our network of Receptivity-certified publishers, Espace M offered their clients an important edge by allowing them to achieve measurable results where their competitors only hope for a high number of impressions.

The Receptive group's user and session counts were respectively -30% and -31% lower than the control group but proved to be much better investments when comparing the following engagement metrics:


Basically, this allowed Espace M to remove the 30% slice of useless sessions and only keep the cream of the crop to maximize brand impact.

These results are more than simple improvements for this furniture retailer. This test proves that Espace M can do more than brand building during their ad campaigns. They can actually expect conversions and real evolution of their client’s customer base. 

No one should be expected to buy impressions at large and hope for the best. People paying attention to the impressions you buy should be the norm. And Receptivity will usher in this new normal.


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