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Receptivity Cuts CPA By 66%, Aaaaaagain.


A large European electronic store chain partnered with a free video player and Supply-side platform (SSP). The SSP had been looking for a while at various options to monetize their inventory further, and the electronic store chain was excited at the potential of trying a new targeting method. 

It’s pretty clear where we come in. Come on now, this is exactly the type of situation where Receptivity shines. A brand that wants a metric to protect its investment in a new platform and a platform that wants to offer the best impressions it can sell. Receptivity is literally the answer to both of those.  Receptive Moments are pre-qualified receptive impressions offered by certified SSP partners. The users are qualified as receptive in real-time as soon as they open a webpage, and the impression can be purchased right at that moment. 

Well, this test ended up cheaper than previous campaigns, with a higher conversion rate, but you knew that already, didn’t you?


This test was run as an A/B test between two different groups of users to prevent any cross-contamination. 



Let’s put aside the whole brand and SSP thing for a second. Would you look at these results?


So yeah, we gained a cool new partner, and we’re pretty sure the electronic store chain campaigns will only run on Receptive Moments impressions from now on. Why wouldn’t they?

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