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Would you like to reduce your CPA by 50%? Receptivity can do that.


Selling jewelry is a sentimental business. Customers buy it for special occasions, to celebrate an anniversary, to mark and remember an important milestone in their lives. While this jewelry retailer differentiates itself with signature designs and affordable price points, jewelry can be a tricky advertising segment because the market is very competitive. That’s why Carat was brought on to optimize the budget and get the most out of every dollar spent.

Apart from Christmas, Valentine’s, and Mother’s Day, there are no true jewelry-buying moments in the year. Yet consumers buy steadily throughout the year because, really, jewelry is always a great gift. That’s why it’s crucial for jewelry retailers to have a robust, evergreen ad campaign to capture as many potential sales as possible.

The jewelry retailer’s media agency, Carat, introduced Receptivity as an efficient attention metric to always reach the right users. Since Receptivity allows advertisers to identify attentive users, the client asked Carat to analyze their upcoming campaigns and optimize their process.

Additionally, this jeweler wanted to identify opportunities where Receptivity could improve its advertising tactics, find prime opportunities and weed out underperforming URLs.


The test ran over a period of 30 days on one of the jewelry retailer’s always-on campaigns and split into two separate groups to ensure no cross-contamination:




The first data point noticed after the analysis is a testament to the quality of Carat’s advertising strategy. The always-on campaign registered an impressive 68% Receptivity level. The analysis also identified that 53% of the URLs included in the campaign were underperforming and should be swapped for properties with higher Receptivity levels.

Another interesting insight was the potential for dayparting around Receptivity levels. The jewelry retailer moved around their advertising spots to the top Receptivity timeframe of 7 am to 9 pm and saw immediate improvements. The same logic was applied to the various formats used in online advertising. The always-on campaign was then modified to only include 300 x 250 and 300 x 600-pixel placements since those had the highest Receptivity levels.

As for the other usual observations of CTR, conversion rates, and CPA, once again, Receptivity is proven to be a complete gamechanger:

Just like this jewelry retailer’s clients when they see their products, the retailer fell in love with Receptivity. They determined that if they could increase the Receptivity level of their campaign from the current 68% to 80%, they could cut down their CPA by a whopping 50%.

Now THAT is an exciting goal.

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