The Measure of Moments

CONTXTFUL is a technology company advancing mobile interactions by measuring the human context without invading privacy.

We are driven by the desire to create greater connections between humans and technology.

We achieve these connections through patented technology that seeks out highly nuanced data. We go far beyond the numbers to create unique human context data for a wide variety of applications including advertising, insurance, and more.

We are excited to announce the launch of our initial product: Receptivity™, aimed at advertisers and publishers, to help increase ad campaign performance and ad inventory monetization.

How does Receptivity™ work?

By combining human context labels, we create a unique metric granting advertisers and publishers real-time analysis of user Receptivity™ to their ads.

Held in hand
The Receptivity™ score

For Brands, agencies & DSPs


Adding CONTXTFUL’s code snippet to your display and video ads unlocks real-time analytics driven by the Receptivity™ score of your audience. This information allows our customers to take action quickly, capitalizing on the opportunities that will generate a stronger return on investment.

Receptivity™ for Advertisers

For Publishers & SSPs

Increase Ad Monetization

CONTXTFUL’s Receptivity™ Score allows for real-time traffic splitting based on the quality of each impression. Publishers and SSPs can then create dynamic pricing of their ad units, increasing the value of their inventory significantly.

Receptivity™ for Publishers

We believe partnership can revolutionize new industries.

Multiple innovative brands are already partnering with us.

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