The Measure of Moments

CONTXTFUL helps publishers and advertisers reach and monetize highly receptive mobile audiences by measuring human context behind every interaction.

Our mission is to create meaningful connections between humans and technology.

Such connections can be achieved through our context-driven, patented technology which is put right into action with our initial product, Receptivity™.

How Receptivity™ Works

By gathering human context labels, we generate a unique metric granting advertisers and publishers real-time analysis of their audience's Receptivity™ to mobile ads.

Held in hand
The Receptivity™ score

Increase Ad Optimization

For advertisers including brands, agencies, DSPs, and trade desks.

Simply add our code snippet to your display and video ads, and unlock real-time analysis on your mobile audiences. Driven by the Receptivity™ score, this added value allows you to take the best course of action quickly, generating a stronger return on your investment.

Receptivity™ for Advertisers

Increase Ad Monetization

For publishers and SSPs.

Our Receptivity™ Score allows for real-time traffic splitting based on the quality of each ad impression, which provides you with an opportunity to create dynamic pricing of ad units to significantly increase the value of inventory.

Receptivity™ for Publishers

Discover how new insights can significantly improve your business.

Get in touch and find out why context matters.

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