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for SSPs & 360s

Increase your fill rate and average bid CPM by enhancing the efficiency of your current product offering.


Agencies and advertisers observed a boost in media efficiency of more than 20% when purchasing receptive inventory.

Increased media efficiency

Enhancing your current product offering with Receptivity allows DSPs to access the most efficient media inventory.

Increased average
bid CPM

DSPs strategically boost bid values to enhance efficiency and optimize campaign KPIs. This leads to a direct increase in average bid CPM.

Increased fill rate

A surge in average bid CPM fuels higher win rates and fill rates.

Activating Receptivity is a simple process


A simple modification to your BidAdapter module in your Prebid.js wrapper


The connector generates a page-level key:value that you can use in your server requests to create attentive PMPs


The connector is compatible with any browser and web-app without adding latency


Be up and running with Receptivity quickly with the help of our dedicated support team