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for SSPs & 360s

The best way to Identify premium attentive inventory at the source.


Be an innovator

By leveraging 1st party, non-private data, Receptivity allows you to offer your clients an innovative way to target attentive inventory without invading the privacy of their audiences.


Qualify Premium Inventory 

Inventory qualified with Receptivity for SSP isolates the highest quality, most engaged viewers. It’s simple: you identify better inventory quality, your clients offer higher quality segments, campaigns convert more.


Publishers have seen CPM increase of up to 20%, improvement in client retention, increased share of wallets, and higher sales of premium inventory.

Qualifying your Premium Inventory is a Simple Process


A simple Javascript connector contains the API to generate a page-level key:value pair. 

The connector can be wrapped in your page-level connector or added to your prebid.js bidder module, allowing you access to the page-level Receptivity key:value BEFORE launching the bid process.