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What is

Receptivity is an effectiveness and efficiency metric used to qualify all contexts, content and campaign parameters based on attention. Attention and context drive results. It’s simple, and people are more likely to act upon an ad they paid attention to when served in the right context.


But what is attention?

Attention is the cognitive process of focusing when exposed to stimuli. There’s a correlation between human patterns and a physiological & psychological state of attention.

What is Attention?

What is  context?

Context is the set circumstances that form the setting for an event, state of mind, or idea. In the world of advertising, it refers to the keywords of a page, the user's position on it, how fast they scroll to get there, and more.

What is Context?

Attention and context are not uniformly distributed on the web. The patterns can be modeled and predicted!


Receptivity is the perfect cocktail of context and attention.

How it works


First, we identify the signature of attention through millions of users' motion sensors.


Then the AI creates a Receptivity model applicable to any and all inventories.


After that, Receptivity gets calibrated to effectiveness and efficiency on thousands of campaigns.


This allows us to use as little computing power as possible, keeping our code lean and your carbon footprint low.

  • Our metric uses the same campaign parameters to qualify all your contexts and content as you go, no learning period needed.

  • Everyone in the ecosystem can leverage Receptivity.

  • Advertisers, agencies, and DSP can innovate to get the most efficiency out of their ad campaigns. 

  • Publishers, ad networks, and SSP can maximize the value of their premium inventory.

  • Users see ads when they really matter to them while not being tracked at every moment. 

How to use Receptivity?

for advertisers
& agencies

Buy pre-qualified receptive impressions directly from certified publishers or through enabled DSPs to get the best campaign results.

Receptivity for Advertisers & Agencies

for publishers &
ad networks

Receptivity allows publishers to monetize their premium inventory to its full potential by identifying the most attentive opportunities.


for SSPs
& 360s

Receptivity allows SSPs to generate first-party attention data to filter the most attentive opportunities in real-time before processing them.