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Our solution to attention:

Receptivity is a new, supply-side 1st-party attention metric that identifies the best-performing ad inventory just before the bid to maximize campaign efficiency.

  • Attentive people engage with content differently (scrolling, clicking, time spent, device handling, and various other interactions).

  • Our technology analyzes countless micro-patterns and pinpoints which ones have the greatest impact.

  • These micro-patterns are constantly changing.

  • We analyze them in real-time, just before the bid request to recognize attentive individuals one by one.

  • No intrusive or personal information required (GDPR & CCPA compliant by design).



Displaying impressions and views to attentive users leads to a media efficiency boost of over 20%.

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Receptivity Products

for publishers &
ad networks

Receptivity allows publishers to monetize their premium inventory to its full potential by identifying the most attentive opportunities.


for SSPs
& 360s

Receptivity allows SSPs to increase their fill rate and average bid CPM by enhancing their current product offering.