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You’re sitting on a gold mine.

We can make it shine.

Receptive Moments are impressions or views sold only when a real human is paying attention to their mobile device.

Our artificial intelligence qualifies a Receptive user by determining their posture, movement, focus, and whether they are holding their mobile device in hand.

It’s the new way to monetize your inventory. You now have the power to leverage a quality audience in real-time, without cookies.

Receptive Audiences by CONTXTFUL
Receptive Audiences by CONTXTFUL
I want a demo Demo

So what does it mean to sell Receptive Moments?

Contact us today to assess your potential revenue gains

The success of your clients predicts your future revenue.

It’s simple: you offer better audience quality, your clients’ campaigns convert more, and they keep coming back.

  • Publishers have seen CPM increases of up to 25%, and their clients’ campaigns convert up to 2.7x more.

  • A major insurer saw an 88% increase in conversion rate by switching to Receptive Moments.

  • A national clothing retailer saw a 35% improvement on ROAS for an overall 7x increase on campaign ROI by using Receptivity as their key metric.

  • An auto manufacturer increased conversion rates by 133% while cutting acquisition costs by 57%, running a campaign using Receptivity.

With results like these, it’s obvious why publishers around the world are choosing to offer Receptive Moments.
Adviso, a leading Canadian agency, had a pretty clear message to publishers during a webinar they hosted:
"I think all publishers should only be selling Receptive impressions."
— Jean-Christophe Mauss, Consultant-Digital Media, Adviso

Starting to sell Receptive Moments is an incredibly simple process

A simple Javascript connector is added to your web technology stack with the help of our dedicated support team.

For in-app deployment, a quick library integration to your app is required.

This will generate a key:value pair in your SSP.

Most of our publishing partners had Receptivity on their sites and apps up and running within 30 minutes.

Receptive Audiences by CONTXTFUL
Receptive Audiences by CONTXTFUL

Your audience is then analyzed in real-time, and you can start offering Receptive Moments through Direct, PG and PMP deals.


What is the reach of Receptive Moments?

Receptivity is measured in all web and in-app environments and works with native, display, and video formats.

Are Receptive Moments available on the open exchange?

You can offer Receptive Moments through PG, PMP, and Direct for now, but they will be available for the open in the future.

Can I sell Receptive Moments in real-time?

Yes, Receptive users are qualified as soon as the page or app is opened, automatically.