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Receptivity identifies real, attentive web users for you to connect with.

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How Receptivity Works

Billions of data points and data sets have been analyzed by our team of senior data scientists, using patented AI technology.

We discovered patterns in the data, allowing us to determine the human context beyond the mobile device in real-time. Not only have we identified patterns linked to a user being focused on their phone, but we've also identified the behaviours that lead a user to remember your ads and take action when they see them.

That’s Receptivity.

For every page opened on the web, our script fetches non-private data. We analyze gyroscope and accelerometer data to determine a user's posture, focus, movement, and whether the phone is in hand or not.

That’s how we determine if a user is Receptive.

Unlike any other Adtech, Receptivity doesn’t need cookies or third-party data to work - just a mobile device and an attentive human being.

Receptivity is a tamper-proof and future-proof all web metric that just works.

"In this industry, we're always trying to measure everything, but Receptivity is just common sense."
-Olivier Houle, Digital Media Strategist

Common sense in the ad industry, really?

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Built with privacy as a priority

We are GDPR and CCPA compliant and an IAB member.

Patented AI technology Receptivity by CONTXTFUL
Patented AI technology

Receptivity is built using a patented machine-learning algorithm to identify human behaviours before you purchase an impression or view.

Rocket science easy to use  Receptivity by CONTXTFUL
Built by rocket scientists, easy to use

We are a team of senior data scientists and ad industry professionals who want to make digital ads more efficient and ethical.

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