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Cossette Média Achieves Impressive 70% Receptivity Level with Attention Measurement solution


Imagine having a highly successful campaign with a wide reach, but with a nagging feeling that it could perform even better. This was the challenge faced by Cossette Média, a large ad agency, which approached us to find better ways to validate data for one of their telco clients. In response, we used our attention measurement solution to analyze the Receptivity levels of their campaign and provide insights for optimization.


Our attention Measurement solution was integrated into the client's ad containers, allowing us to track the campaign for 90 days with millions of impressions. All other campaign aspects were kept consistent for accurate analysis.


Cossette Média's campaign had an impressive Receptivity level of 70%, which is one of the highest we have ever seen. While the campaign was performing well, there was still room for improvement. Our analysis revealed that Receptivity levels are closely linked to conversion rates, confirming our beliefs.
Furthermore, we found that Receptivity levels were higher during specific days and times. Fridays and weekends have the highest impressions. Certain ad formats also had higher Receptivity levels, with the 300x250 format performing the best at 71.5%.

Based on our findings, Cossette Média was able to optimize their client's campaign by incorporating higher Receptivity ad formats and targeting at peak impression times. Our attention measurement solution provided valuable insights that helped validate their data for future ad campaigns. Overall, this case study demonstrates the importance of utilizing advanced analytical tools to enhance the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


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