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Study Finds That Pre-Validated Receptive Impressions Yield More Outcomes for the Buyer and More Value for the Seller

TORONTO - - In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, understanding and harnessing the dynamics of consumer attention is paramount. To shed light on this critical aspect, Contxtful conducted an extensive global industry-wide study to explore the concept of "Receptivity" and its role as a measurement for attention. The results help shine a light on unlocking the full potential of your advertising efforts.

“The study reveals that attention can’t be generated. It is fundamental to how humans interact with everything, not the other way around”, says Alexandre Desilets-Benoit, CTO at Contxtful. “People are attentive, or they are not”.  

The study, conducted in September 2023, analyzed over 2 billion impressions across North America and Europe.  Omnicom Media Group, KINESSO, Cossette, Glassroom and Desjardins were among some of the agency and advertiser participants in the study. 

The report also marks the first time Contxtful has released global industry findings using its Receptivity data. It provides marketers a baseline for comparing and understanding the relative performance and cost of inattentive users with their advertising investments. 

Key highlights from the study include:

  • Receptivity is a prediction of campaign effectiveness based on the observation of all relevant viewer interactions
  • Attention is volatile, can start anytime, and people are in an attentive state of mind on average less than 40 seconds at a time
  • There is a strong correlation between impressions bought within the attention window and media efficiency

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“Our study reaffirmed the enhanced outcomes for buyers and sellers in the ad tech ecosystem,” says Desilets-Benoit. Agencies that prioritize buying only attentive moments witnessed amplified media results, often exceeding 20%. Publishers that filtered attentive ad calls for their direct and PMP deals ensured that their premium ad placement reached those who were most likely to be receptive, significantly amplifying the efficacy of their direct and PMP deals. 

In conclusion, our large study unveils the power of Receptivity as a real-time attention metric in the competitive digital advertising world. Attention is your most precious currency, and Receptivity empowers you to wield that currency wisely. Timing is of the essence. It's a strategic move that can set your advertising campaigns apart in an age of fleeting attention, but influence can be enduring.


Contxtful conducted this study. To uncover these findings, Contxtful partnered with ten agencies and advertisers across North America and Europe. The data behind the study spans over one year from 100+ publisher websites, focusing on 30 days in September 2023. 

About Contxtful

CONTXTFUL is a technology company committed to driving programmatic advertising sustainability through its attention metric, Receptivity. Using motion sensors and AI, Receptivity qualifies all contexts, content, and campaign parameters based on attention, allowing for more effectiveness and efficiency. This innovative approach not only improves the performance of programmatic advertising campaigns but also helps to reduce the environmental impact of online advertising. With its focus on sustainability and industry-leading technology, CONTXTFUL is equipped to revolutionize the programmatic advertising ecosystem. 

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