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You can purchase receptive impressions that convert more. Why? Because they’re composed of real, attentive humans.


Purchasing receptive impressions is your opportunity to leverage publishers that really care about your campaign goals by providing you with ad placements that are:

free of inattentive users

Free of inattentive users


GDPR and CCPA compliant by design


Not reliant on 3rd-party cookies


Proven to convert more


Respectful of user privacy

To start using the Receptivity metric for your next campaign contact us to get access to our publishers' network and buy Deal IDs.

There’s no extra work required on your end, and you can sleep easy knowing your next campaign is about to perform way better.

So what does it mean to use Receptivity for Advertisers & Agencies?


A major insurer saw an 88% increase in conversion rate by switching to Receptivity for agencies.


A national clothing retailer saw a 35% improvement in ROAS for an overall by using Receptivity as their key metric.


An auto manufacturer increased conversion rates by 133% while cutting acquisition costs by 57%, running a campaign using Receptivity.


A jewelry retailer saw a direct correlation between Receptivity, conversion rate and CPA. Placements with a receptivity average between 60% and 80% had a CPA 84% lower than those between 40% and 60%.


What platforms are receptive impressions available on?

Receptive ads are currently available as display, native and video ads on both mobile and desktop environments.

Are receptive impressions more expensive than regular ones?

Your publishers will be able to guide you.

Can I buy receptive impressions directly from Contxtful?

You can buy Receptive impressions by contacting your Receptivity Certified publishers as you would normally do for your campaigns.

What if the publishers I use do not currently offer Receptivity?

Introduce us! Implementing the technology can be quick and easy.